Big Blue Hangover: Brown(s) is the Color of Shit

And shit is exactly what we got from the New York Giants on Monday night.

Odell and Marshall got injured, the offensive line looked like shit, and the Giants still haven’t scored a touchdown this preseason. Let’s get into it.

Giants fans suffered a number of heart attacks on Monday evening.

Odell went down with what initially looked like a concussion, torn ACL, and broken ankle all in one play.

The official diagnosis? He passed concussion protocol and escaped with a sprained ankle. That gust of wind you felt last night was the Odell Defense Brigade’s collective exhale of relief. I’m confident he’ll be ready for week 1, and the Giants should keep him out of any remaining pre-season action. If Odell goes down, I don’t think it’s crazy to say that the Giants season is over.

Let’s talk about the hit for a minute, because there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Boddy-Calhoun and Gregg Williams.

Was the hit legal? Absolutely. Was the hit dirty? Yes. You don’t go for the legs of another player during a preseason game. Wait for him to come down or adjust for his midsection. As bad as this might sound, you can complete concussion protocol in a week’s time, an ACL takes you out for the season.

Fans weren’t the only ones who took issue with the hit:

You can’t help but make the Gregg Williams connection here. For those who remember, Williams was the Saints defensive coordinator who was suspended one year for the bounty program he ran down in NOLA. Welllpppp, he’s the Browns DC now, and in the first quarter of a pre-season game he has a DB go after the legs of the Giants top receiver? Like the guys from PMT, I’m not a conspiracy theory guy, I’m a connect the dots guy.

That wasn’t all on the injury front for the Giants. Brandon Marshall took a big hit to the shoulder on an Eli Manning overthrow (Manning also threw too high on Beckham’s injury), Tavarres King left with an ankle as well. This game gets an ‘F’ grade on the injury front.

We gotta talk about the state of the offensive line.

Everyone went into this game with their eye on both tackle positions. It’s time for Flowers and Hart to put up or shut up. Ereck Flowers, while again struggling with a great RDE talent in Myles Garrett, was mediocre. Mediocre is all the Giants need out of him this season, and to expect anything more is foolish. He clearly still struggles with speed guys off the edge, and was lucky he wasn’t called for a bunch of holding penalties last night.

The right side of the offensive line was an absolute disaster and Weston Richburg doesn’t seem like he’s returning to his sophomore season level of talent anytime soon.

John Jerry was bad in pass protection, which is supposed to be his one strength, and I think it’s finally time the Giants let Fluker run with the first team. McAdoo should be at the point of throwing a bunch of combinations at the wall and seeing what sticks. But, no, the Giants aren’t any better off looking down the depth chart for some help:

The rushing attack for the first team was downright awful. Paul Perkins couldn’t find any space to operate behind this dumpster fire of an offensive line, and it wasn’t until Wayne Gallman came into the game where we saw some nice yardage pickups. Even then, you take the good, you take the…

My spinzone for the Giants this entire time has been that they can still have success on offense with this offensive line as long as they can expose matchups and change up the personnel sets. The involvement of the tight end has been huge. Just check out this play to Evan Engram:

Engram is lined up at FB, and comes out of the backfield on play action. Despite the fact that Garrett is able to manhandle Flowers backwards into Eli’s lap, Eli is able to get the ball out to his athletic tight end in space. You can’t cover Odell one-on-one, Marshall has a massive height and weight advantage on every DB in the league, and Engram and Shepard are slot receiving nightmares. It’ll take some work, but as long as everyone is on the same page, the offense can adjust and survive. Here’s the issue, though: can everyone get on the same page?

I know it’s preseason, but there were a lot of mistakes made, especially by the first team offensive line. If they can’t open up holes for the running game, I’m not very optimistic about how this team is going to fair against some of the elite defenses they’ll need to face this season. The offense doesn’t look in tune, and the red-zone is a disaster — they haven’t scored a touchdown in two pre-season games, and one was against the Browns!

The Giants have three options here, in my opinion:

  1. Keep a close eye on league rosters for any veteran OL that get cut. They need all the help and depth they can get.
  2. Jerry Reese needs to sack up and make a trade. The Giants are in a win-now window, as much as he won’t openly admit to it.
  3. Mess around with some different first team OL combinations to see what works. The next one I want to see is: Pugh (LT) — Flowers (LG) — Richburg (C) — Fluker (RG) — Hart (RT).

Back-up QB competition.

The winner is Geno Smith and it isn’t even close in my eyes. Geno ran with the second team offense and looked exactly like the Geno you would expect: mobile, serviceable, but susceptible to catastrophic mistakes.

Am I crazy for loving Geno as much as I do? I know Jets fans can’t stand him because their organization is trash and the fans treated him like trash, but he looks great. Maybe it’s because it’s been years since the Giants had a legitimate backup quarterback, but I need Geno Smith play-action-passes injected directly into my veins:

There was also some bad — notably the horrible red-zone pick he threw after an audible and an offensive line breakdown.

That stat isn’t great, but it also may be a function of them getting more comfortable with the West Coast Offense. Regardless, this is Geno’s gig to lose.

The defense is still amazing.

They say iron sharpens iron, and that is definitely true for a Giants secondary that has to go up against OBJ, Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram every day at practice. Well, if iron sharpens iron, I have not the slightest fucking clue what sharpens the Giants defensive line. It’s not just the continued dominance we’re seeing from the first team, notably JPP and OV off the edge last night, it’s also the second and third team.

This defensive line is going to keep offensive coordinators up at night — they can do it all. The best part is how great guys like Romeo Okwara, Kerry Wynn, and even Jordan Williams. Spagnuolo can afford to give JPP and OV a rest during the season to keep them fresh.

Tight end usage.

Just something I wanted to point out. Love the Giants trio of Adams, Engram, and Ellison. Expect McAdoo to get creative with this unit throughout the season.

Odell stared right at the eclipse like a dummy.

Just what we need. A blind guy with a sprained ankle.

Ben McAdoo hair grade: A+++, 13/10

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