In Atlanta Loss, Jets Did The Best They Could

Jets played as well as their talent allows for in the loss.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Jets offense played decent to well for the first three quarters of the game and collapsed in the fourth quarter. Yes, I know it sounds crazy; this couldn’t have happened before!

The Jets showed that they can certainly compete with teams in the three games they’ve won. In addition, they led for much of the game these past three weeks. This all comes back to the fact that the Jets have a VERY hard ceiling with what their offense allows them to do. They are a group of very young, raw prospects combined with aging veterans past their prime.

This team knows exactly how to get Jets’ fans excited and then completely devastate them as the game progresses. Basically, this is what all of us look like as the game progresses:

McCown Played Well, Despite the Rain

Even in the absolute slop that was Sunday’s game, Josh McCown actually played pretty well. In fact, he played better than Matt Ryan, if you can believe it. McCown went 26/33 with 257 yards and two touchdowns. He managed to not turn the ball over, doing what Matt Ryan couldn’t, as he held on to the ball for nearly the entire game, mishandling a snap that, luckily, he was able to fall on. His passes were sharp, despite uneven play from the offensive line that struggled to keep up with the Atlanta passing attack.

It should be noted though, McCown relies heavily on check down passes. Most notably, on the Jets final drive as he decided to dump the ball off to the running back, even though Austin Seferian-Jenkins was open for a potential drive saving play. It is this unevenness in his decision making that continues to plague the Jets . Considering we are now half way through the season and the Jets aren’t making the playoffs, look for Todd Bowles to make a quarterback switch in the coming weeks.

Robby Anderson Can Ball

Robby Anderson was forced to step into the spotlight the day that Quincy Enunwa was injured. Since Enunwa was injured, the Jets brought in Jermaine Kearse and Jeremy Kerley, but Anderson was looked to as a potential breakout star for the team. On Sunday, Anderson showed that, yes, this guy play some damn good football. Take a look for yourself:

So far this season, Anderson has been uneven in his catching ability as he’s dropped numerous passes that came his way. However, if Sunday is any indication, he is certainly getting better at holding on to the football, catching everything that came his way and scoring a touchdown.

Two Minute Offense is Non-Existent

Maybe the most damning part of the Jets offense so far this year is the fact that they can’t put anything together when they need to. A potential comeback drive has ended in disaster time and time again. It looks as if the Jets simply succumb to the pressure and can’t make smart decisions when they’re in a time crunch .Between the Patriots game, the Miami collapse, and now this game, the Jets need to figure something out soon, even though they are out of the playoff race.

Sunday wasn’t terrible for the Jets, they played to basically as high as their talent allows them to. Other teams are simply better than they are, so Jets’ fans shouldn’t be terribly shocked that they are where they are.

They’re on a short week as they play their only primetime game on Thursday night against the Bills. Jets-Bills. Color rush Thursday. Get excited, stay excited people!

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