The Blog of the Five Kings: “Beyond the Wall” Roundtable

So Mission Impossible: Westeros edition sort of worked! They got a wight back, Dany believes in the army of the dead now and they have a negotiation chip with Cersei!

Oh and we have a freaking dragon of the dead now. ICE DRAGON OF THE DEAD!

What did we learn from one of the most intense and most implication-filled episodes of this show in its history?

What are some of the powers of the risen Viserion? What can ice dragons do and how did we see that foreshadowed in the undead polar bear?

Dan Rozel (@RozelGSN): I shudder to think about it…If it breathes ice now, there’s going to be a major problem, especially in regions that are unprepared for it. The most gut-wrenching part is that they’re going to have to kill him again to win this war, and as we saw with our friendly wintery undead bear, anything converted to a walker gains incredible power and ferocity. So add that on top of a dragon’s usual gifts of power and ferocity and there’s a weapon of mass destruction on the wrong side now.

Jesse Finver (@jessefinver): I’d like to think it would be blue fire like Godzilla, but I guess it would have to be…ice…right? I have no clue but I feel like Dany’s dragons breathing fire still give her the distinct advantage over the Ice King’s dragons.

Brett Herskowitz (@bretther): Who knows? Maybe a blue fire? Maybe ice breath? Either way, an ice dragon spells trouble for our friends south of the wall. Side note: what a toss by the Night King!

James Duffy (@TwoTurtleDuffs): I’d guess, uh, breathing cold fire/ice. I’m not really sure logistically how that would work, but it seems like it might create a few issues south of The Wall. The ice bear seemed smarter than your average bear, so imagine what a dragon will be like under the control of the White Walkers.

Jeremy Cohen (@TheCohencidence): It was in 2004 when I first learned about the dangers of bears. Now take an ice bear and make it a million times more terrifying and you probably get an ice dragon. Have to assume “V-ice-erion” (#sorrynotsorry) breathes ice and will get into an epic fight with one of Drogon and Rhaegal. Not easy to kill a living dragon so killing an ice dragon should definitely be a piece of cake, right?

Fire beats White Walkers and wights and it looks like ice beats dragons…as an amalgamation of both, what will Jon’s ultimate role be?

Dan: Jon has insanely powerful plot armor now as the convergence of about 17 different prophecies. At some point he is bound to ride a dragon, but I think he could play a role in getting the ice dragon back on the side of light. As the intersection of ice and fire, doesn’t it make sense that he could ride either type of dragon?

Jesse: I DON’T KNOW. I swear to god I was going to be done with the show if Jon somehow died. But for obvious reasons, he didn’t. I think Jon is Azor Ahai and he is the Prince that was Promised and him surviving (again) makes it a lock that he is the hero of the show and he will be the one to eventually take down Night King.

Brett: Jon is the Song of Ice and Fire. This is ultimately his tale. I’m starting to think more than ever that if Jon dies, it happens as he’s plunging Longclaw into the Night King.

Duffy: It’s clear more now than ever that Jon is THE main character in a show that before was a mix of many major characters. He’s not immune to fire like Dany, so he clearly doesn’t have all-powerful magic running through his veins, but he’s clearly the hero destined to save the world, or die trying.

Jeremy: What is it about main characters drowning this season but then magically living? Jon certainly can’t die without knowing the truth about where he came from and who his real parents are. There are too many prophecies and coincidences for anything bad to happen to him. How can Jon not be the person to restore peace in all of Westeros?

Benjen’s return was brief but significant. Are all remaining living characters confined to one last role in the war against the undead before they die?

Dan: Yes. We’re at the point where it’s clear that this fight against the walkers is the only one that matters and it will take all hands on deck to finish this fight. Jon is the focal point so I believe that most peoples’ purpose will be keeping him alive or facilitating another character’s life that will contribute to that final fight.

Jesse: I think so. The fact that the only main character to die on Jon’s excursion was Thoros means that those who survived still have roles to play. Like, the Hound has to be the one to take down the Mountain, right? Right??

Brett: With Beric continually mentioning that he and Jon have been brought back to serve a greater purpose, it sure seems that way. If the show goes towards the whole ‘we need to band together and defeat the true evil’ kind of deal, I’d say it’s safe to assume that then. If I had to guess, many will die in the Great War, but they’ll be sure to serve a purpose before doing so.

Duffy: Beric seems to think as much, at least. He keeps talking about the reasons that the Lord of Light needs certain people alive, and maybe he’s on to something. Potentially, we could even see he and Jon killed by the Lord of Light after they complete their roles to take this to an extreme.

Jeremy: Everyone deserves a swan song. Not sure why Benjen didn’t hop on the horse with Jon though. Ugh, this is Titanic all over again: there was enough room for two people to live and ice is no bueno.

Why is this Sansa vs. Arya plotline happening and on a scale of 1–10 how much do you dislike it?

Dan: Hard 8. It’s intriguing because Sansa has no idea what Arya is capable of, but by the end of the episode, she definitely knows and honestly, I don’t know and don’t really care what she does about it. I’m all in on the fight that matters.

Jesse: 10. I seriously think this is the most forced thing the show has done so far. I would have much rather have seen them team up and take down Littlefinger instead of Littlefinger messing with them. I have no clue why they went in this direction but I’m looking forward to this little spat to be over.

Brett: 11. It’s so overly forced and is, in my opinion, a total waste of time. We’ve got seven episodes left, did we need to waste screen time on these scenes? Arya sounds a bit like a fool and neither look good here. With the show (and its characters) turning its attention toward the Great War, it seems an odd choice to spend so much time on something so meaningless.

Duffy: 7. It’s just so illogical for Arya’s character, she even contradicts herself. She tells Sansa how important family is, but also casually hints that she can kill her sister at any time. I understand Arya’s side because Sansa is clearly a little power hungry but the approach makes no sense.

Jeremy: 7.5 at the start, 8 by the end. I should say that I am glad someone else knows about Arya’s talents but this plotline is absurd. There are other ways of establishing it. The whole thing is so trivial when you have much larger fish to fry.

Based on next week’s preview, we’ll finally have all the main forces in the war for the Iron Throne meet. How will that go?

Dan: Duffy nails it with the Cleganebowl but I’m wondering if Cersei will finally realize that she should probably help with a worthier cause. Maybe this whole wight plan wasn’t a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Jesse: GIVE ME THE HOUND VS THE MOUNTAIN. OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I’ve been waiting…sorry WE’VE been waiting for this for YEARS. I think in the end Cersei is gonna die and Jamie will take over the Lannister name and join forces with the rest of the characters and it will just be people vs dead people. I don’t know how Cersei will die but I really hope she gets killed off and the final season is just fighting the White Walkers.

Brett: Here’s hoping a couple brothers happen to interact with one another. Also, here’s hoping we get some quality dialogue between the show’s main players. Think this meeting has the potential to be a legendary one, so hopefully the writers brought their A-game for this one. I do wonder if Cersei will actually agree to anything, or if she’ll try to be clever and have it backfire on her.

Duffy: CLEGANEBOWL GET HYPE! Sandor is the one taking the wight to King’s Landing first, and there’s a certain undead Gregor Clegane who’s been looking for a fight lately. Other things might happen but who cares.

Jeremy: Well, no one has said Cleganebowl so let’s go with that. But really, I want to see Cersei and Tyrion interact with Jaime having to get in the middle in some way. One can only remain as impartial as possible for so long. The assumption is Jaime would lean heavily towards Cersei but what if he realizes it feels good to win and not die? Maybe Jaime will be like Kevin Durant.

Finally, give us your money quote and send us to the finale…

Dan: “I thought you were the bravest man I ever saw.” “Just the drunkest.” Rest in peace Thoros, you beautiful bastard.

Jesse: I don’t have a quote. I just have a face, and it’s the one Dany made when she saw Jon’s scars. Folks, find yourself someone that looks at you the way Dany looked at Jon when she realized what he’s been through.

Brett: “We’ll meet again.” “I fucking hope not.” Time and time again, the Hound provides us with unintentional comedic relief. Thank goodness he survived north of the wall because his money-quote-per-lines-spoken ratio is through the roof.

Duffy: Like Jesse, my quote is actually a face, but it’s when Jon stared down the Night King when he and the Westeros Suicide Squad got trapped on their island. If looks could kill, the war would be long over by now. Dany said she’s gonna kill the White Walkers, but Jon’s looks said it all.

Jeremy: “Gingers are beautiful. We are kissed by fire.” Where was this line when I needed it in middle school?

RIP Westeros A-Team. You were the source of many memes.

The Season 7 finale is next week and I don’t think any of us are ready for it.

It airs at 9 PM Eastern on HBO and HBO GO. Bring something to hug and pray for your favorite characters to make it out alive.