The MTA’s ‘Summer Of Hell’ Officially Begins

Track work is set to make the ride to and around New York City a miserable one.

Ah the subways. New York City’s necessary evil. Sure, you’d rather gouge your own eyes out than sit on a sweaty and smelly train with a bunch of other Joe and Jane Does just as grouchy and disenchanted as you are, but hey, it’s surely better than sitting for an hour — maybe two — stuck in New York City’s notoriously awful traffic, right?


With track-work commencing Monday in Manhattan’s Penn Station (work that will reportedly wrap-up in September), riders knew they’d be in for a painful commute for the next month and a half, and for some, day one was definitely the nightmare they were expecting (and more).

CBS New York reporter Ali Bauman tracked the commute throughout the morning, here’s how that went for her:

Standing. Room. Only. Jesus Christ.

With the travel set to be so bad underground, the fear from New York & New Jersey government officials is that we’d begin to see what Triple-A President Robert Sinclair described as a ‘carpocalypse’.

Thankfully that hasn’t come to fruition in some parts, at least not yet.

If you’re making the trek from Brooklyn to Staten Island — and vice-versa — you’re safe, for now:

The Atlantic Terminal yielded no issues either:

Ultimately as other tweets would indicate, this is still a very mixed bag — presumably bound to worsen:

Given the MTA’s track record, it’s hard to imagine this renovation going seamlessly.

How many times have deadlines been set & initiatives been made to improve the commute, only for those heading the efforts to botch something along the way and push the work back even further?

With chairman Joe Lhota back at the helm for a second stint with the MTA, maybe new leadership will culminate in a better subway system for all commuters long term.

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with every MTA commuter. You’re all screwed.

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