What the Josh McCown signing means for the Jets

Breaking down New York’s newest quarterback.

The Jets signed quarterback Josh McCown, a veteran quarterback, to a one-year deal worth $6 million, a low-risk signing by all accounts. But what does this signing say about the current state of the team?

The Jets now have three quarterbacks on their roster: McCown, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg. Signing a veteran quarterback in McCown makes sense when both Petty and Hackenberg are still young and developing. But the McCown signing means much, much more. This signals to Christian Hackenberg it’s make it or break it time.

Let’s face it. The fact that the Jets didn’t let Hackenberg see the the field ONE time in 2016 says more about him than it does about the Jets. McCown being brought in says to Hackenberg that it’s go time. At least, that’s what it should say to him. A 14-year journeyman is generally not someone you sign to be the starting quarterback of any team. A second round pick just one year ago, Hackenberg needs to take the next step and prove to everyone he can be the starting quarterback of an NFL franchise. If he can’t then Bryce Petty will have an opportunity to win the job as well.



This is wild. I thought that after signing McCown the Jets would be cool with the quarterbacks they have on the roster (in the sense that they have the position filled, not in the sense that they would or should be satisfied with the talent at the position right now). Nope. Not. even. close.

I mean, seriously, are the Jets really considering drafting Mitchell Trubisky this year? Why even have Petty on the roster at this point? If there is “serious interest” in drafting a quarterback at six, the Jets are essentially admitting that they fucked up last year in drafting Hackenberg (WHICH ANYONE AT PENN STATE INCLUDING MYSELF COULD HAVE TOLD YOU), and now they want a re-do in 2017.

I mean this is just pure comedy at this point. For the second year in a row, the Jets seem willing to carry FOUR quarterbacks on the roster.

The are more holes on this roster than my old pair of pajama pants, and the Jets want to address the quarterback position in the draft after taking one in the second round last year and signing one this off-season. Folks, we have officially entered banana land.