Where’s the Accountability from Reese and McAdoo?

The Giants GM and coaching duo screwed the pooch


The Giants’ season was derailed by “buying into the hype,” as the highly criticized duo of GM Jerry Reese and head coach Ben McAdoo have explained to the media over the last week or so. THAT’S what’s led to this season’s far too early shift from “hey, they might actually contend for a Super Bowl” to “how nice does Saquon Barkley look in Giants blue?” YEAH, that’s definitely what the issue is here.

Man, imagine if the Giants DIDN’T give into the hype? Imagine they kept level heads this entire time? I can see it now: the Giants sit atop the NFC East, their studly defense having not lost a step from last season. Meanwhile, the offense — thanks to the additions of “seam-buster” Evan Engram and Brandon Marshall, along with general improvement along the offensive line — improves enough to make this team legit. If only they kept level heads at the onset of the season, we could be looking at one of the NFL’s best, especially in a year where, beside the Eagles (sadly), no team truly looks great.

Their 1–6 start has nothing to do with the Giants not scoring more than 30+ points ONCE during McAdoo’s tenure as head coach.

It has nothing to do with Jerry Reese consistently drafting poorly and entirely ignoring the offensive line during the off-season.

It’s all about the mentality of this team so far this season.

Honestly, it’s a farce at this point. McAdoo has made a habit of refusing to outwardly accept responsibility for the Giants’ complete lack of cohesiveness on the offensive side of the ball since he took over head coaching duties last season. He has not taken responsibility for in-game mistakes and avoidable penalties. He didn’t relinquish play calling duties to his offensive coordinator until two weeks ago against Denver. He has yet to show that he’s the right man for the job, despite last year’s 11–5 campaign.

Meanwhile, we have GM Jerry Reese who has more than outstayed his welcome in his current position. Essentially gifted the 2007 Championship team, Reese has only the 2011 Giants team — one that fell ass-backwards into the playoffs and got hot at the right moment—on which to hang his hat. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will forever cherish those two championships for as long as I live. But, last time I checked, making the playoffs ONCE since 2011 is far from a good thing.

Reese, unlike McAdoo, actually did shoulder some of the responsibility for this lost season during his bye week press conference last week. However, during that same conference, he seemed to have turned much of the blame back onto the players and coaches, saying “we just didn’t come out with that fight I saw from us last year.” Which is it then, Jerry? He essentially said “I take the blame, but it’s also all this other stuff, too. So, it’s not really all my fault at all…so uh, yeah.”

Reese also said that McAdoo is “smarter than all of us in this room[…]it’s not even close[…]he’s smarter than all of us.” Pardon? You’re going to say that with an entirely straight face? I don’t doubt McAdoo is smart, but I don’t think it’s remotely realistic to be speaking with such hyperbole, especially when spoken in the context of the last season-plus.

Imagine being a fly on the wall during these phone conversations. Do they admit to each other that they’ve really dropped the ball this season? Or do they continue to exist in their own fantasy land, the one in which the Giants’ issues are easily correctable and have nothing to do with either personnel decisions or coaching moves?

Evan Engram is the perfect example of the missteps of both Reese and McAdoo. Before I continue, let me note that Engram will be a key contributor on this offense for years to come. He has already shown his game-breaking abilities and shown how unique of a weapon he can be from the tight end position. However, he was not a need for this team. Regardless, when he was drafted, the thought was that the Giants now had the player this offense needed to handle the constant cover-2 defenses it faced (thanks, in large part, to McAdoo’s basic play calling). Has that happened yet? Nope. Instead, Engram has been mostly running McAdoo’s preferred routes of choice: drags, slants and quick outs.

Ultimately, the Giants are better off moving on from both Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo and starting fresh in 2018. Neither have shown why they should be retained after this season and neither have risen up to truly take accountability for what has been a nightmarish season so far.

Do the right thing, John Mara and Steve Tisch: move on from Reese and McAdoo and get this team back on track.